Legacy Leaders Radio, with host Jack Perry, Jr., highlights today’s thought leaders and decision makers who understand even small actions and behaviors affect many people in the course of history in the making.  These thought provoking discussions reveal what motivates people to create greater good in their homes and society, while considering what legacy we all want to leave as our life’s work.

Jack Perry, Jr. came to Atlanta from all corners of the world as a former Army commander, rescue helicopter pilot, and police officer.  His experiences around the world, on the battlefield, his disaster rescue operations in Haiti, and his encounters with street criminals and their victims, provide Jack with a unique perspective about the meaning of life, and how we will be remembered at the end of our days.

When Jack is off the airwaves as host of Legacy Leaders Radio, he is a recognized public speaker, book author, teacher, and professional life coach promoting quality of life issues and teaching professionals to reach for the greater good in their own circle of influence. His particular passion is the war on anger, how very destructive anger is at home and in the workplace, and the fight to extinguish angry emotions in any given situation.

Tune in with host Jack Perry, Jr. and his guests every Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST

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